About Editations

Professional Editing & Proofreading Services

We help you polish your research so you can get ready to publish without a minute of extra work, even if you have a million other things on your plate and English isn’t your first language. Nothing is more frustrating than having a great idea but not being able to communicate it the way you want to. We help you bring out the best of your writing so the words practically leap from the page!

We’re for students

We understand the challenges of being a student. Between campus life, deadlines and extracurricular work, the quality of your assignments can suffer when the pressure is on. Sometimes you can barely manage more than a first draft. But your merits are in your ideas, your arguments and your analysis – not in your grammar.
Don’t let yourself get punished because you couldn’t quite manage the time-consuming edits and proofreading. If you’re struggling with assignments, we can edit, proofread, and style check your paper, assignment or essay so technical slip-ups don’t cost you your hard-earned grades (we can’t write for you, though!).
Think you’ve already left that paper too late? Absolutely not! We offer a rush service, and are online 24hrs a day. That means you can finish writing at 2 a.m., send it on to us, and have it back in time for class the next morning. Our services are always affordable, and give you more time to work on other courses, earn extra cash at your part-time job, or better yet, to hangout with friends and relax. Let us be your back-up against the challenges of campus life; let us be your competitive edge.

We’re for academics

If you are in academia, we know the pressure to publish is stronger than ever. It’s tough enough to put in the the time for research between administrative work, teaching hours and looking for funding. It’s tough – but critical. The last thing you would want is to have a paper rejected because of formatting or technical language mistakes.
You’re already an expert in your field – being an English language expert shouldn’t be a prerequisite as well. Your ideas should speak for themselves. We want to make your writing so clear and concise, it’s like your paper has already been reviewed by a journal editor – before you have submitted. Those tedious author submission requirements you need for that target journal’s style are, at your request, good as done. Let us be your virtual academic editing assistant, supporting your pursuit of a career in research.

We’re protecting your work

You entrust us with your hard-work that has been your life’s calling, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we enforce one of the most rigorous confidentiality and privacy policies around – all of our editors sign non-disclosure agreements and we strictly disclaim any right over work that you submit to us. Your documents are safe with us too; content transfers to and from our site are 256-bit SSL encrypted, and we absolutely do not disclose your work to third parties or commercialise any of the content we review.

We’re experts in the art and science of English language

At the end of the day, you just need to rest assured you have a document that supports your ideas and is the best that it can possibly be – but here’s a list of the features of our work anyway. We proofread to correct all technical language errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling and more).

With our Premier Editing service, we make every effort to improve your written communication, with style, clarity, sentence structure and coherence suggestions. We also enhance readability with formatting and adherence to referencing styles as well, ensuring your edited work is presentation-ready for submission. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Consistency/Clarity of Style & Tone
  • Ideas and Concepts
  • Advanced Word Choice (Connotation and Rhythm)
  • Unnecessary Repetition/Redundancy
  • Sentence Structure (inc. Fragments and Run-ons)
  • Passive vs Active Voice
  • Academic Style and Tone
  • Conciseness
  • Flow and Transitions
  • Overall Structure
  • Paragraph Structure
  • Effective Use of Modifiers
  • Adherence to APA, Chicago, MLA or Turabian Styles, which includes:
  • Formatting of Headings and Page Headers
  • Formatting of Tables, Charts and Figures
  • Page Layout (e.g., Margins and Orientation)

We also provide tracked changes and in-line comments, with an overall content analysis that addresses:

  • Logical Underdevelopment
  • Rationale for Our Suggestions
  • Points of Confusion
  • Overall Strengths
  • Omitted Information
  • Structural Weaknesses
  • Any Other Insight that Improves the Success of Your Paper

We also offer on a stand-alone basis our Proofreading Plus service, where we hone in on technical errors of English usage in grammar, punctuation and spelling. This option is especially recommended for non-native English speakers, as we cover:

  • Punctuation
  • Singular vs Plural
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Typographical Errors
  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  • Verb Tense and Consistency
  • Basic Word Choice
  • Non-technical spelling