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Your Brain is Secretly Hard-wired to Ignore Your own Typos

Why is proofreading your own work so time-consuming?

Bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe

“Because the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole”. It’s not because you’re careless or a bad writer. Your brain is actually being very smart! When we read someone else’s work, it helps us grasp meaning faster by using less brain power. BUT when you proofread or edit our own work, you already know the meaning you want to convey. So the words on the page you are re-reading have to compete with the version already in your brain!

…And that’s a BIG problem

Research consistently shows technical language errors damage your perceived intellect, trustworthiness and conscientiousness. One study found that an average of 21% of peer-reviewed journal submissions were rejected during the initial manuscript review¹. In some fields, not enough proofreading is the number one reason articles are rejected²!



Academic Proofreading & Copyediting – Made Simple

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1. Get a quote or free sample

All you have to do is fill in the brief with some basic details like how long your article is and how soon you need it back. We’ll give you a quote on the spot. Not sure? Get a free 300 word sample edit or speak to one of our customer service specialists.

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2. Order and upload

You have deadlines – so what are you waiting for? Upload your document and we’ll take care of the rest. Our 2-step checkout process means less hassle, so you can get on with your day.

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3. Download your document

We’ll let you know when your edited document is ready, complete with tracked changes in any format. Just download, put the finishing touches on it and push it out to the world! Rest easy with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What can we do for you?

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Fast, affordable service

Editing your drafts can take hours and you have plenty of deadlines to meet. Our reliable, professional editing service will work to your deadlines because you want to focus on work that matters.

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No mistakes, ever

Any writer knows that proofreading your own work for errors eventually becomes impossible. That’s why every document we get receives two “fresh sets of eyes” during editing. Turn your first draft into writing that communicates succinctly and flawlessly – something no spell-checker can help you do.

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Publish with confidence

Research consistently shows spelling & grammar errors negatively impact your perceived intellect, trustworthiness and conscientiousness. Let our professional proofreaders and editors be your insurance policy so you can put your best work forward.

Why choose Editations?

Nothing is more frustrating than having a great idea but not being able to communicate it the way you want to.
We help you bring out the best of your writing so the words practically leap from the page!

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Proofreading and Editing to Suit Your Needs
We provide three distinct tiers of service. Need structural edits to guide your written arguments? Choose our Plus package for improvements to your document’s cohesion, structure and clarity. Or how about just the finishing touches? Now is not the time to be relying on software spell-checkers – our Basic proofreading package will find grammatical and spelling errors you may have missed, and is flexible enough for authors from any industry. See our Pricing & Packages page for more information.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with your edited document, just reach out to our customer service staff within 24 hours of getting your document back. If we can’t help you resolve your issue, we’ll issue you with a complete refund.

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Confidential & Secure
Your retain complete copyright control and credit for your work and we will never store it without your permission. We will never share your information and our site is encrypted with 256-bit SSL industry standard technology, meaning your hard work remains yours alone.

What people are saying

  • Editations was very thorough in their copy-editing of my management research paper for clarity of expression, style and consistency. Particularly important for me, however, was the time freed up by not having to do the painful proofreading, edits and rewrites of the article myself. They were proactive in their communication and the entire process was managed for me. I intend to use Editations to help increase my writing output in future, and I would recommend anyone seeking to write and publish research to do the same.

    Munib K. - Founder, Wave Design


    Munib K. - Founder, Wave Design

  • I had Editations edit and proofread a research paper for a medical journal. When I'd written similar articles of +2000 words before, it would usually take around 50 hours to do - and I'd normally end up feeling that my ideas were not easy to follow on paper. The content was there, but the sentences were not concise and did not flow well. I hadn’t thought of hiring an external editorial service in the past, but I'm glad I chose Editations - instead of spending time out of my day doing painstaking edits, I was able to focus on the next paper instead. Their service was fast, thorough and really improved the readability of my paper. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues!

    Thomas D. - Student, University of New South Wales


    Thomas D. - Student, University of New South Wales

  • In addition to editing and proofreading for grammar and syntax, Editations proved very useful for providing insightful feedback on my clarity of expression and argument consistency. This was for a research paper for a humanities journal, where the 6000+ words of the article can be difficult to keep clear and consistent. Not only did Editations assist with improving my article by editing and commenting on the structure and style of my writing, but they did so in a very timely manner. I highly recommend their services, irrespective of what discipline area the article is in.

    Josh W. - Lecturer, University of New South Wales


    Josh W. - Lecturer, University of New South Wales

  • I started this year with a backlog of manuscripts that I had intended to submit for publication last year, but just couldn't between teaching, admin and other academic commitments. I'm grateful I came across Editations – they are friendly, attentive and professional. Their turn-around time is very good: 3-4 days. Their prices are reasonable. Highly recommended for busy academics and HDR students!

    J. - Professor, University of New South Wales


    J. - Professor, University of New South Wales

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